Windows 7 Winamp.ini Problems Must Be Removed

Windows 7 Winamp.ini Problems Must Be Removed

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported encountering the windows 7 winamp.ini file.


Here’s an updated (list now reflecting our own [Winamp] section) of valuable links to WINAMP.INI files for Winamp users who most of the time find nothing wrong with Winamp, well maybe never


Make sure Winamp is closed before attempting to edit this file (using Wordpad Notepad), or save it under your own name after finishing exclusive editing.



Since winamp 5.5, the Winamp.ini file and other user settings are stored in


folder Where %appdata% is likely to be a shortcut to the Application Data/User Settings folder. Can you nature


in the Windows Explorer battle bar and press Enter – or someone can click the Start button > click the Run icon and type


box in Open, click OK. This should take you to the settings in the Data/User application Settings folder Winamp.path

The actual one depends on the version of Windows you are using.

Example… And


The exception color=”grey”>usernameapplication assumes that you have installed Winamp in an earlier version (pre 5.5) with the correct settings, the settings will be saved as a saved folder in Winamp installation/default.

C:Program FilesWinamp

Where %ProgramFiles% is a shortcut to the Program Files folder


add to the list:

Controls your user’s ability to queue songs from Windows Explorer. Zero is disabled by default. Others include On 1,.



Controls whether Winamp will display a static bar along with custom renders and a game timer. 0=disabled, 1=enabled


When set to 1, equalizer presets created to create individual songs will be used during playback, otherwise this feature is set to 0 and disabled.

Autoscroll name:

this If this option is present (=1), Winamp scrolls the title of the currently playing song in this chapter.In a new window. If the “all” option is disabled, the display is often static.


If this parameter is set to Le 0, the font usually determined by the skin or language pack is used, otherwise the system font is used. On the one hand, if set, the custom font used by Winamp will be custom anyway. Disabled if internalization, this option is enabled (=1).


Checks that no other hacked platform has any of the extensions. it If so, winamp restores the Winamp extension.


Number of file extensions associated with Winamp (for example, Winamp is the default MP3 player for these types). Note. This is not a list of the full extension available via “File” > “Preference Types”, but only the highlighted/selected ones.


This is limited by the plugins used and built-in support for indicating which plugins will read the formats entered here.




If Winamp is selected in order to let youm play the first file with a proxy server without his knowledge, he will return to this extension. MP3 standard no problem.


Allows the user to disable inline rendering when external sockets are active (from AVS rendering, Milkdrop), e.g. 0 = off, 1 = on option


Turn off “Always on top while targeting true full-screen apps” in the general preferences



DSP plugin, if used, the user activates it on the DSP tab in the settings. How dsp_* dsp plugins start with .Option dll


This option determines which method currently uses the DSP plugin when it is available.

move 1 ‘EasyMove’ Allows Winamp to move by clicking anywhere in its panels. 0 disables this option.


The skin of resizable windows resizes correctly when set to 1, otherwise 0 enables smooth resizing.

winamp.ini windows 7

Any number from up to 8 63 is valid for Receipt of any combined score. 0=+12dB 31=0dB and 63=-12dB.

equal size:
winamp.ini windows 7

Links the size dual equalizer setting to the size of the main window. 0=disabled, 1=enabled.


The actual equalizer window, when displayed, is between and 1. The only valid value, 0, is off.


If enabled, anchor (=1) relative to shutter mode EQ. 0 disables our option.

Fixed name:

for If this parameter is permanently set to 0, titles may not be updated. If this parameter is set to 1, make sure your %20 titles are converted to rooms. when Normally, this parameter is set to 2, underscores are converted to spaces. If this option is set to 3, the above two steps are performed together.


This If enabled (=1), it is also enabled in Settings/Skins/Classic Skins/Classic Skin Options/Dim Window When Title Out of Focus. 3 disables this optionJune.


long package:

related Name with language file, nothing if late, use .to

stay on screen=1, screen:

This can ensure “Litestep Compatibility Mode” and “Always on Litestep Virtual Desktops” in VWM will be disabled. keeponscreen=2 “Mode Enables Litestep VWM”. “Always keeponscreen=3 on provides LVD.” keeponscreen=4 does both.


An accompanying description containing the last URL accessed from the helper minibrowser (More button), corresponding to the last_shorturl=.A setting,



Deprecated determining whether the mini-browser being displayed is hidden. (1, 0, hidden), a number that will be used longer after MiniBrowser is added to your library.

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