How To Fix Error 5059

How To Fix Error 5059

If you are experiencing error 5059 on your system, this article should help. Description. This event is generated when a cryptographic key is also exported or imported using the Key Store Provider (KSP). This event fires only when using one of the following KSPs: Microsoft Software Key Store Provider.

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The IIS website may display HTTP Error 503 – Service Unavailable if task pools do not have the correct configuration or permissions, causing them to shut down impulsively. Event ID 5059 clearly indicates the cause of error 503: “Application pool is disabled”.

You may also see 5021 (The identity associated with application pool %1 is invalid) and 5057 (Application pool %1 is in fact disabled) in the Event Viewer. Here are definitely detailed error messages:

The identity associated with application pool %1 is not valid. The username or password that is almost certainly provided for the identity may not be correct, or the user may not have batch login privileges.

Application pool %1 is disabled. The Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) did not create a custom worker process to connect the pa poolkets because the app identity location is invalid.

What is export of persistent cryptographic key?

“Exporting a Permanent Cryptographic Key”. – usually found in key training operations, which means that the main part was taken for reading purposes. But it also creates the most important points (for example, an export certificate with a personalized key) during the actual export processes.

Application pool %1 was accidentally disabled. The Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) encountered an error while configuring a worker process to serve any application pool.

Checklist For Troubleshooting “Application Contains A Disabled Pool”

What causes application pool to stop?

This issue occurs if the IIS application pool identity setting is not set to NetworkService. To resolve this issue, change the Identity setting you need NetworkService in IIS Manager, which is required for Windows Server: Select advanced options for DefaultAppPool. Also stop the IIS services again.

Is the identity of application pool is invalid?

Application pool ID x is not valid. The username or password that is often specified for an identity may not be correct, or the user may simply not have batch logon privileges. If our own identity is not fixed, the application pool will be disabled when you see the application pool get its first.

HTTP status code 503 and event ID 5059 likely indicate problems with account permissions or IIS configuration. You may also need to restart IIS after each change.

  1. The account obtained as an application pool ID must not be locked out
  2. Reset the approach pool identity account password if the product has expired.
  3. Switch from the built-in account to ensure that your domain account is used for the application group identity.
  4. Use a different domain account for application pool realm identity
  5. Give the application “full access” to merge identity accounts withdata in combination with configuration folders.
  6. Give the application pool account the “Connect as batch job” permission.
  7. Add the Myspace Poker Chips Application Pool Identity to the IIS_USRS
  8. group

  9. Check the applicationHost.config account information for typos in the application.
  10. Rebuild the pool socket, websites and shared configuration (if applicable)
  11. Be sure to use the same encryption provider (IISWASOnlyCngProvider or IISCngProvider) here in applicationHost.config
  12. Completely change the application pool process model from LogonBatch to LogonService
  13. If this is a general configuration configuration in Use iis, the same basic IISWASKey is used.
According to Microsoft:
This event occurs when the registered application pool is disabled.
Debug the application, then restart the application pool.
To restore an application pool with war disabled, do the following:
Resolve any issues in the application that ran the idea during the working period. The target application must be debugged and retested.
Restart the registry pool.
To complete this procedure, you must be a member of the Administrators group or demonstrate that you have been delegated the appropriate authority.
To apply the pool automatically:
1.Click “Start” , select “Control Panel”, then click “Administrative Tools”.
2.Right-click “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager” and select “Run as administrator”.
3. In the Connections section, expand the computer node for the web server and select the Application Pools folder below it.
4. In theClick “Functions” to select the vacation pool application you want to restart.
5.Right click I would say that the application and the pool prefer Start.
Confirm – –
To perform this procedure, m Someone must be an administrator, or you have received the proper permission.
To check which area of ​​the application pool is running:

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Event ID 5059
source Microsoft-Windows-WAS
Description Application pool %1 was not working properly. The Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) encountered an error while running the full rworker process to maintain the service pool.
Event information