Instructions For Restoring The Netkas Speedstep Kernel

Instructions For Restoring The Netkas Speedstep Kernel

If you’re getting the speedstep core due to a netkas bug, this blog post should help.

  • f

    Recently added to Iatkos Leopard and updated to version 10.5. Okay, lots of setup info. Noob question, I know!

  • last exile

    Thank you! ! ! 🙂

    Download it and use the Google Kext helper

  • Here is the king

    Intel 945G Mobo with GMA950 and Pentuim D 950 are very fast. First pc_efi updated to boot_v8.
    Update 10.5.2 then new kernel 9.2 TOH Leopard then graphics update 1.0 (dmg in some places well and so). I support unmodified AppleSMBios.
    GeekBench 64bit (228) easily gets 8% more than the old core.
    A graphical update has made the slider and user interface extremely fast!
    netcas; Thank you, thank you!

  • kingsoft

    Hello Netkas!

    Applesmbios does not report memory in Software Profiler,

    10.5.2 (vanilla) efi channels for Grafx audio network (efi 8)
    C2D E6850
    4 GB RAM eight hundred (cool)

  • @netkas, System Profiler throws memory range error:
    An effective error occurred while gathering information.

  • Storm

    In case these new smbios addresses, does anyone know of a glitch in the app that caused the others?

    speedstep kernel from netkas

    like logmein, mozy and others?

  • Highlight

    Kext secretary seems to only install kext files!!!

    This is indeed the core. Is there anything I can do

    sudo cp ~/mach_92/mach_kernel

    and restore permissions?

    Do I need to update the Kalyway 10.5.2 framework before doing this, or can I use this kernel with 10.5.1?

  • chabep

    I already have

    “@netkas, System Profiler throws this error on memory section:
    An error occurred while collecting this information. »

  • Ham

    Does netkas work on your nforce mobo?

  • networks

    It contains a fix for nforce mobos.

  • Highlight

    Can this new kernel (10.5.2) be used with 10.5.Install 1 (without downloading the Kalyway 10.5.2 kit)?

  • Frantisek

    System Profile – Memory
    An error occurred while gathering this information.

    speedstep kernel from netkas

    I’m using the newer Sp kernelstep

  • Matteo

    Hello, this Applesmbios doesn’t work for me..
    I have an HP DV6580el laptop that you are buying for PC…
    It collects information about the error on my PC, which is why the multilevel profiler says it’s a fatal error…

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