Installation Solutions Failed With Error Code 1392.

Installation Solutions Failed With Error Code 1392.

If your PC setup fails with error code 1392, you should review these troubleshooting tips. Save each task and close any open options, then restart your computer.After the computer restarts, offer a web browser such as Internet Explorer, sign in with one of the accounts associated with Office, and select Install if necessary.

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Dism.exe Error 1392 usually occurs when declared the directory is damaged or corrupted and also unreadable.

The location specified in the error concept indicates that some temporary files are corrupted. Since the files are strictly temporary, you can delete the file mentioned in the error message and thus check if the save is issued.

The error is suspected to be caused by missing system data files or corrupted data files, which should be fixed as soon as possible. Measurements

Further damage to the hardware as well as applications should be avoided as in most cases it can lead to system crash, data loss and hardware failure.

Error 1392 manifested itself in issues such as warning messages, slow or slow PC performance, system freezes, program crashes, problems starting and/or shutting down, application installation failures, or multiple software updates.

If you’ve tried deleting a temporary file in the store and nothing happens, try the other solutions listed below.

How Do I Fix Dism.exe Error 1392?

What does the error message 1392 mean?

Full error message: “Error: 1392 The directive or directory is corrupt, unreadable.” The message implies that some policy files are corrupt or inaccessible.

  1. Perform SFC Scan
  2. Run Check Disk to check for and fix CD drive errors
  3. Scan your computer for malware
  4. Temporarily uninstall your antivirus program
  5. Run restore
  6. Delete unnecessary Podium files

1. Start Scan

  1. Press sfc Start.
  2. Go to a search window like explore window and CMD.
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. Right click and select “Run as administrator”.
  5. Type sfc/scannow.
  6. Press the enter key.

Any time you encounter this particular dism.exe error 1392, corrupted files are the most likely cause, and scanning your computer system’s files will help replace the wrong versions with genuine and correct Microsoft versions.

Reboot your personal computer and see if dism.exe error 1392 goes away after following the above procedure.

2. Run A Disk CheckTo Check Disk Fixes And Errors

  1. Right click Start.
  2. Then command line (administrator).
  3. Type the correct command: chkdsk /f h: then press Enter (h is the problem with disk.exe error 1392).

You should use some disk check tools from time to time to check the basic integrity of your hard drives. This drive speaks and can fix many types of common errors on FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS drives.

One of the ways Check Disk finds errors is by measuring the bitmap of the volume using disk sectors assigned to files in the shared file system.

Check the option “The hard drive cannot recover malicious data in files that appear to be structurally intact.” You can run Check Disk from the command set or from the GUI as described above.

setup ended with error code 1392

Note. Check Disk will check the drive and return the correct name if it reports any issues with the element.

If you don’t specify any other options, CheckDisk won’t fix any problems, but to find and fix errors at the top of drive C, use chkdsk C:

Using this /f command, Check Disk performs a memory scan and then fixes any errors found by this task, provided the disk is not in use.

If you select the Check for Pleasure option, Drive will ask you if you want to schedule a check on your drive the second time you reboot your system. Click Yes to schedule this exam.

CHKDSK [volume[[path]filename]] [/F] [/V] [/R] [/X] [/I] [/C] [/L[:size]]

  • V means volume, so adjust the volume in the task.
  • path/filename specifies files to check for fragmentation (FAT16 and FAT32 only)
  • /F detect disk errors
  • /V usually displays the full path and name of every file on the disk (FAT16, then FAT32); show cleanup messages if specified (NTFS)
  • /R find bad sectors and get monitored information (implies /F)
  • /X forces the volume to be freed first if it’s valuable (implies /F)
  • /I do a minimal write checkth index (NTFS only)
  • /C obligation to check for cycles in directory structure (NTFS only)
  • /L:size sets signal file size (NTFS only)
  • /B overrides non-ideal clusters on the volume (NTFS only; that would mean /R)
  • 5. Perform Process Restore

    1. Click Start.
    2. Open a system search window and type System Restore.Create.
    3. In the list of most search results, click a large restore point.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Click to restore a pre-problem point.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Click Done.
    1. Right click Start.
    2. Select Control Panel.
    3. In the Control Panel area, find the Recovery type.
    4. Select Recovery.
    5. Click “Open System Restore”.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Select the recovery item associated with the problematic program/application, user, or update.
    8. Click “Next” again.
    9. Click Done.

    Here are some more tips you can try:

  • Update your workstation’s device drivers, as 1392 issues may be related to corrupted or old device drivers. Finding the exact authorized driver for error 1392 dism the.exe can be difficult, so make sure you use the best driver replacement software.
  • Continuously install all available Windows updates, such as Microsoft system bug-related update files, so that playback issues can be resolved by installing the latest updates, branded packages, or other regularly sold fixes.
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