Best Solution To Uninstall All Programs In Windows 7 Start Menu

Best Solution To Uninstall All Programs In Windows 7 Start Menu

Sometimes your computer may display a message that all programs from the Windows 7 Start menu will be removed. There can be several reasons for this problem.

Click Start. Youright-click “All Mouse Programs” and select “Properties”.On the Start menu tab, uncheck the first box for privacy (and the second option, if desired).


All in the Start Menu displays a real list of all the programs installed on your Windows, in addition to opening and running a specific program. This is an important button for other versions of Windows XP and earlier, which in most cases is associated with the most common versions of Windows, but is not so good when it comes to Windows about Vista or Windows 7. ConsiderOption to use Search in the Get Started menu to instantly find and launch programs without having to scroll through the list of workouts in the All Programs section. If you don’t use the All Programs list often, you can always hide its menu from Start or turn it off (or, as it’s called, Remove). I have provided one, not two ways to do this. While the first method only works for Business Professional and Ultimate editions built on top of Windows 7, the second method (which uses the registry hack) is universal and should definitely apply to all editions built with Windows 7 connected (including Home Premium). p>

1. Click Start + to re-display the RUN dialog box, “gpedit, type.Msc” in text field and click OK to open the policy editor.

2. In the Group Policy Editor, follow the instructions:

User following Local Computer Policies > Configuration > Star Menu and Taskbar

3. On the corresponding page, you will find the “Remove all programs” item in the “Start” menu.

Change the setting to From Enabled by default for valueValues ​​Not configured.

5. Click “OK” to successfully apply the changes and close the specific settings window.

How do I remove programs from the Windows Start menu?

Click In the Open: field, type: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartUp. Press Enter .Right-click which program you don’t want to open at startup, but click Uninstall.

Log out of the user’s subscription, and then again if you log in, you want to see the changes:

1. Press Start, press + R to open RUN, “regedit”, type press and Enter to open registry editor.


3. On the right panel, create a new 32-bit DWORD. To create it, right-click the nonsensical field next to the right door and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.

5. Double click some NoStartMenuMorePrograms and change their web data value “1” to default (value probably not “0”).

Log out of your account and log in again to find how the changes are shown in the image above.

remove all programs start menu windows 7

# Set “Remove all programs from the start menu” to “None of them configured” using the “Disabled” method in 1.

# Reset field data value from value “0” to or, in case of method 2, completely removeNewly added nostartmenumoreprograms DWORD option in the right pane.

As your site learned from the previous tutorial, the Windows argument allows you to better pin programs to the Start menu for quick login, just as you can pin apps to the taskbar. Pinning and unpinning programs from the start menu is now very simple and allows you to add or remove programs from someone’s menu when you start, you change the current pattern of applications that you use many times – whether they are pinned or not, everything methods available to programs remain, such as typing them to bring up the Start menu, or navigating through the All Programs submenu. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlink a menu program from Start. p>

Remove Programs From The Start Menu

How do I disable all programs in Windows 7?

go to and “Run” type msconfig, then go to “Startup” and uncheck “A program you don’t want to run on Windows”. You can go to the service bill and see probably below they check all services and Microsoft is hidden and owners will see some programs that were always running in the background.programs

Follow these simple steps to unpin your Start Menu program:

  • Press the Windows open button to open the Start menu.
  • In 7 windows, all pinned programs can be displayed at the top of the menu.
  • Find the new one you want to detach and right-click it as well.
  • From the circumstance menu, select Remove from Start Menu.
  • Windows 7 highlights the formation in orange for a while and then extracts it completely from the pinned website programs in the start menu.
  • From now on, whenever you want to run an application, just type its name in the search box on the Start menu, or open it via the All Programs submenu (unless you’ve selected a program instead of a pin) on the taskbar.
  • That’s all you need to unpin Windows 7’s great start menu program: because it’s fast, you can unpin on demand methods and pin them.
  • remove all programs start menu windows 7

    Windows allows you to pin each approach to both the taskbar and the taskbar, however, to optimize each taskbar and start menu, it makes sense to pin one type of program to the taskbar that you’ve been using for a while (requires one click) and then stay pinned to the start menu you don’t use most of the time.

  • Windows 7 Start Menu
  • Where is the launcher?
  • Add menu program to personal menu (pin programs)
  • Remove/hide onelaunched program from program startup)
  • Pin/add (unpin the World Wide Web (website) to launch the menu.
  • Create and expand folders in the start menu.
  • Customize Start menu change: workarounds and change settings
  • Show or hide recent programs on the start menu.
  • Use start menu and big small icons.
  • Hide display or specific Run command in the process start menu.
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