How To Handle RemoteException Memory Errors?

How To Handle RemoteException Memory Errors?

Recently, some of our users reported to us that they encountered a remoteexception memory error.

“java.rmi.RemoteException: CORBA NO_MEMORY”

Hello everyone,

remoteexception memory error

If you experience this problem, please come back.

when I try to import an XML representation. For small files, say (100kb), this is well compatible, but for large data and facts, say (800-900kb), there is a Corba memory bug.

remoteexception memory error

org.omg.CORBA.NO_MEMORY: Failed to write value: Null 3rd party code: 4942F984 Succeeded: NoRemoteException encountered in server thread; Nested exception to this rule:

If any of you know most of the solutions to this problem, suggestions and advice are welcome,

I am generating the same error on our training boxes. Did you find a good solution for the CORBA.NO_MEMORY error? Problem setting up Websphere?

Parsing large XML files requires a very large amount of memory. you

you can easily count on using 10-100(!) times more heap than the original one

Your file size if, use DOM. This is because an incredible amount of Java

Objects are created to accommodate each tag – if you have a lot of tags, this

My neutralAnother point of view when determining how often you run out of heaps is usually

Enable the verbose garbage collector first and view the output to see what is being processed

Take out the trash. Also check your free disk space often

Your server with Tivoli Performance Viewer starting with WAS.

Enable performance monitoring if your server (if using this particular standard

this setting is fine even for production), restart the server and everyone else

If you’re underweight, my first recommendation is

Increase the heap size. Mine then and probably the most effective

Recommendation, this is exactly what you plan to parse in XML in combination with SAX

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I get the same error when creating my own boxes. Have you found a solution for every CORBA.Error? no_memory Is one versus the other a Websphere configuration issue?

Open the admin console page and see Server > Application

Set the initial bucket size to 256 and the maximum heap size to 1024.

You wantYou may also need to add a future post to

Message from Kyle Brown

Parsing XML files that are too large requires very large memory resources. you

can easily use 10 to 100 (!) times more heap than original

The file size of a person when using the DOM. This is because the number is related to Java

Objects are created for each tag – if you have many perfect tags, you do this

My recommendation for winning when accessing Heap:

Let’s first go into detailed garbage collection and look at processing to understand what’s going on

Collect the garbage. Also check out the free retrospective available at

Your Tivoli Performance Viewer server comes with WAS.

Enable performance monitoring on your device (if using the default setting

This important setting can be used even in a production environment), restart the server, and then

If you run out of heaps, my first recommendation is:

Increase the size of the beams. My second and often more effective

Recommended analysisParse XML with SAX

Just post it via merch

I’m getting the same error on our production boxes. Have you found a solution to the current CORBA.NO_MEMORY error? Is this a problem with the Websphere configuration?

02/08/05 12:10:11:446 GMT+05:30] 4e83d40c RequestProces I org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor Processing ‘GET’ for path ‘/LoanAmendSearch’

[02/08/05 12:10:12:196 GMT+05:30] 4e83d40c SystemOut O Current mode is accountSearch

[2/8/05 12:10:12:196 GMT+05:30] 4e83d40c SystemOut O on event actually blocking

[2/8/05 12:10:12:196 GMT+05:30] 4e83d40c SystemOut O It’s actually in the outer COMMON SEARCH LOOP

[08.02.05 12:10:12:196 GMT+05:30] 4e83d40c SystemOut O from accountSearch

[02/08/05 12:10:14:196 GMT+05:30] 4e83d40c SystemOut O Internal session implements the search method!!!

[02/08/05 12:10:14:196 GMT+05:30] 4e83d40c SystemOut O In-session lookup method that implements the After method getDataAccess!!!

[02/08/05 12:10:19:009 GMT+05:30] 7a54d425 ExceptionUtil E CNTR0020E: A misuse exception occurred during method ‘searchMakerAccounts’ for vegetable ‘BeanId( LoanAmendSearch#LoanAmendSearchEJB.jar#LoanAmendSearch , null ). Exception data: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

[02/08/05 GMT+05:30] 12:10:39:009 7a54d425 LocalTransact E WLTC0017E: Reset resources for payment when calling setRollbackOnly().

[2/8/05 GMT+05:30] 12:10:40:916 7a54d425 SystemOut O In Remote ExceptionDelegate class definition

[02/08/05 12:10:40:931 GMT+05:30] 7a54d425 SystemOut O returned in action class system exception

[02/08/05 12:10:40:931 GMT+05:30] 7a54d425 SystemErr R

[2/8/05 GMT+05:30] 12:10:40:931 7a54d425 SystemErr R on

[08.02.05 12:10:43:822 GMT+05:30] 7a54d425 SystemErr R on org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.processActionPerform(

[2/8/05 12:10:43:822 GMT+05:30] SystemErr 7a54d425 R on org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.process(

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