How Do Administrative Tools Appear In Windows XP And How Do I Troubleshoot Them?

How Do Administrative Tools Appear In Windows XP And How Do I Troubleshoot Them?

Here are a few simple steps that can help you fix the administrative tools not displaying issue in Windows XP.


Shortcuts to several important administrative tasksUtilities located in Windows XP Professional.Administrative (toolsincluded with Windows XP Professional only.)


Hint †’ Management tools


The “Administration Tools” entry in the Control Panel is nothing more thandefault start menu folder with listingprogram shortcutselsewhere in this chapter. File insertedDocuments and SettingsAll Tools, Usersstartmenuprogramsadministrative and I would say shortcutsDepending on the deadline, this file contains:

How do I enable Administrator account in Windows XP?

Right-click “My Computer” and select “Manage”. Expand Local Users and Groups, then select Users. Right click on that admin user and select Properties. Activate your account and click OK.

Since this is the default directory, you can delete any of them, oradd any of your labels as you see fit.

  • Component Services

  • IT Management

  • Data sources (ODBC)

  • Event Viewer

  • Local Policies

  • Where is administrative tools located?

    The Administrative Tools folder in Windows 10 is located in C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsAdministrative Tools.


  • How do you access the administrative tools?

    Press all Windows + R keys to open the Run window. Type admintools under control and press Enter. This makes the Administrative Tools applet immediately available.


  • Notes

  • For example, the privacy of other Start Menu folders if some administrative Folder Tools deleted, renamed additionally (and maybe after itcontent is deleted or modified), Windows cannot recreate it.

  • See taskbar and start menu properties belowChapter to get the option or display the cover art of that item in the start menu.

  • how to see administrative tools in windows xp

    I was documenting the process for a client today when I came across a link to Windows System Management. When I checked thisyu “Start”, I saw that these animals are impossible, then I learned from a friend that they were buried, one of all those toolkits that Microsoft keeps to prevent users from accessing the Special Full Compliment to access the tools. p>

    The System Administration Tools give you access to form tools such as the Services window, where you can see running Windows processes, or the System Monitor, where you can view a graph showing your system’s performance. The thing is, most users tend to use these tools, but it’s always good to know where they are if you use them often.

    1. Right-click an open part, selecting Properties from the Windows taskbar. The dialog property container opens.
    2. Click on the Start menu, then on the tab and click on the “Personalization” button. The Customize Start Menu dialog box opens.
    3. Click the “Advanced” tab, then scroll up the list of Start menu items and select the “System” radio button next to “AdministrativeStart” > “View all programs and the start menu”.
    4. Click OK twice.
    5. Click > Start All Programs > Administrative Tools to open these tools.

    Note that you can make other changes to launching the menu in the Advanced tab, including turning items on and off, or showing the Control Panel as a specific cascading menu instead of “other”. Open a dialogue that cannot pay.

    Remember that these modification methods will change expected behavior in Windows, so you’ll need to configure them wisely, but if everyone needs access to these administrative apps and other features, and you’re familiar with customizing Windows, it’s good to know where the tools are.

    Windows Secrets White Paper – 338 – May 10, 2012

    how to see administrative tools in windows xp

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