Are You Able To Request Remote Assistance With Windows Vista Problems?

Are You Able To Request Remote Assistance With Windows Vista Problems?

I hope this guide will help you understand how to request remote assistance in Windows Vista.

First published by TECHNET May 22, 2007.

Windows XP introduced the latest new feature called “Remote Assistance” which allowed XP users to help others over the Internet at the same time. Help desk personnel could use the screens to provide remote assistance, as well as to manage network users’ computers. While starting Windows Vista, support personnel encountered a new problem. It is no longer possible to provide unsolicited remote assistance using the Windows (Expert) xp operating system for Windows Vista (Novice).

how to request remote assistance in windows vista

Indeed, Help and Support, which is the basis of Windows Remote Assistance in XP, has been deprecated in Windows Vista. When someone offers remote assistance from a trusted Windows XP client, they should see the dcom-created HelpSvc object on someone’s target computer. For a Vista windows visitor, this object does not exist. If you try to offer help to a Vista computer from an XP computer, you will no doubt get the following error:

If you search the system log for a Windows XP machine type and receive the error “The automation server cannot create the object”, you can find the monitoring error in the system log:

Does Remote Desktop work on Vista?

Windows Vista allows computers running Remote Desktop to connect with Network Level Authentication.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: DCOM
Event Category: None
Event ID: 10006
Date: 06/11/2006
Time: 5:02:15.
DCOM finally got a “class not registered” error from this machine when trying to server: activate

For additional strategies, see the Help and Support Center at

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