Steps To Get Rid Of Comodo Antivirus Activation Issue

Steps To Get Rid Of Comodo Antivirus Activation Issue

If you notice that comodo antivirus is enabled, the following article may help you.


For Comodo, disable your antivirus (only applies to the following devices 2.) 0 Observe the precautions below:

1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet (NOTE: activation cannot be done offline).

2. Launch Comodo AntiVirus.

3. Open this special license status dialog box by clicking on the user’s “License Status” tab and then “Activate” by clicking.

4. Enter your activation code at the top of the “Comodo AntiVirus License Status” dialog box that you receive by email.

We recommend inserting the procedure directly into the field using text(Ctrl+C) (Ctrl+V), and to avoid typos.

5. Click “Activate”.

6. Comodo AntiVirus then uses your Internet connection to contact the Comodo website.

7. After authenticating the activation code, comodo will automatically install the antivirus with your license.

Activate The License

  • Launch this Internet comodo Security application as described in the “Starting Internet comodo Security” section.

  • One step: to activate the license, “Activate click now” next to “License” in the bottom corner of the official interface.

  • You should have received your license key by email. Enter the confirmation key, click and Activate. The installation wizard will check your key.

  • Tip: If you haven’t purchased comodo Internet Security – Pro yet, click “Find someone now!” Communication. You will be redirected to the Comodo website where you can purchasehave a license.

    If your authorization is successful, the subscription will be activated and a confirmation screen will appear.

    Advice. You can also enter the actual activation key by clicking the equivalent license key “Enter Key”, which contains an “About” dialog box that can be accessed by clicking “More” > “About” in the user interface. See the About section for more details.

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    Activate The License

    How do I activate Comodo?

    Activate your license Step 1: To activate your license, click “Activate Now” next to “License” in the back left corner of the main link. The Activation License Wizard takes this into account. You should have received your license key by email. Enter the authorization key and click “Activate”. Colspan=”2″>


  • Launch Internet comodo Security as described in Starting Internet comodo Security.

  • For
    comodo antivirus activation

    Step 1. Activate select license, “Subscription” on the “Activate Sideways Now” welcome screen.

  • Is Comodo Antivirus really free?

    both Free Antivirus AVG and Comodo Antivirus are relatively comprehensive and free.

    If you purchased CIS Pro, you should have obtained a licenseth key by mail. CIS for Complete, the base license is available on the DVD itself or printed on the insert and listed on the carton box. You enter the license part of the key and click “Activate”.

    comodo antivirus activation

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