Best Way To Remove Error

Best Way To Remove Error

Here are a few simple steps that should help resolve your error issue.

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When you receive a spreadsheet, you may sometimes find error messages such as #DIV/0!, #N/A!, #NAME?, #REF! and #meaning! soon. These error values ​​are displayed for formula evaluation errors with uncorrected function conditions. If you really want to select all the errors, you can always correct, delete or format the values ​​on the worksheet, should you?

Use the Go To Special feature to select cells with error values error

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Using “Go To Special” to Click with Cell Error Values

To easily select and find error values, you can use the “Go To Special” part of Excel. Pay attention to the following:

1.Select the area where you want to select error values.

2. Click “Home” > “Find and Select” > “Special Transition…” and the “Special Purpose Exit” dialog box will appear on the side. Then click on the “Formulas” option of this selection and on “Check Errors” “Check Engine”. See screenshot:

3. Then click OK. All error values ​​can be selected.

Efficiently select cells with error values ​​with Kutools for Excel error

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