Troubleshooting BIOS Stopping Without Errors The Easy Way

Troubleshooting BIOS Stopping Without Errors The Easy Way

It’s worth checking out these troubleshooting tips if you’re stuck with a “no Error” error in your computer’s BIOS. The “Stop” phrase in the BIOS means that no matter what you say “Stop” to make it work, say “No floppy drive” or never before, it will stop booting and use the rest of the bios to let you continue .

Use Air Jam


[A/V receivers: SC-57, SC-LX85, SC-55, SC-1526, SC-LX75, VSX-1326, vsx-53, VSX-LX55, VSX-2021, VSX-52, VSX-1126,
VSX-1121, VSX-51, VSX-1021, VSX-50, vsx-1026, VSX-926, VSX-921)]

Be sure to turn off other Bluetooth devices when you want to watch your iPod, iPhone or iPad and start Air Jam.
Connecting to other bluetooth devices may result in audio interruptions.
Follow the steps below for each individual device.

!Select any product, then follow each product’s recommendations below.

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